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Everyday I open myself up to new discoveries about this amazing time we are all living in! ...Challenge yourself and join me I seek knowledge on the "SHiFT"  Read on and please...comment often!


The Boston Bombings...whats the deal with this?

My heart and my prayers go out to the families of those killed and injured during yet another act of senseless violence in Boston this week.  This is a strange world we live in and an an even stranger time no doubt.  In the search for truth one can say almost any information can be manipulated to fit an angeda and we really must be diligent when we consider the facts of any situation. It escapes me why someone could be so cowardly to do such a thing...and even more so when you consider its motives and the idea of its being planned for indirect reasons we may never truly know.

YouTube Censors Family Guy Clip Which Predicted Boston Marathon Attack

Media floats erroneous claim that issue is an “abhorrent hoax”

Paul Joseph Watson - Prison - April 16, 2013

UPDATE: YouTube has now censored a commentary video which merely pointed out that a recently broadcast episode of Family Guy contained scenes eerily similar to those that unfolded during the Boston Marathon attack. YouTube deleted the video claiming it contained, “spam,” “scams” or “commercially deceptive content,” when it contained none of these things. YouTube has also placed a strike against the host channel and threatened to delete it.

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The powers that be will soon be the powers that were.

We felt it necessary to publicize this important event and time in our history. Let us breath a sigh of relief for those who suffered and pray those found guilty are brought to justice swiftly.

Published on 25 Feb 2013

The final Verdict and Sentence of the International Common Law Court of Justice, in the Case of Genocide in Canada by Church and State - Includes the Court Order issued to the Defendants - Issued February 25, 2013

2013 Year of Community


What an inspired video from Lee Harris and the Spirit Library ...thank you Lee! 


We are changing. We are changing. We are entering a brave new world.

Brave, because courage is what it will take to face some of the challenges; new, because feeling rather than mind will now take the leadership role for our society and our planet.

We have reached the end of the road where the old ways and the old resources are concerned. So now, we use our inner resourcefulness to create the new and adapt, just as many generations have before us learnt to adapt.

The change we are facing is of a mastery level. 

We as human beings have, in our cellular memory, all of the shifts that humanity has been through before programmed into our bodies. But never before has the playing field been so wide. 

This is thrilling and sometimes intimidating. 

We live on a planet of duality and duality will continue to be the experience as we move into a greater sense of personal power, and through that, community connection.

Click here for a full transcript! 

Welcome to the New Aeon


A co-creation from the stars.


Tim Steinruck, aka "TheMightyOne", has teamed up with remixer Kearley, Star Activation(tm) creator/soul coach Baljit Rayat and digital artist/DJ Metasynthesis to create a powerful audio visual experience to assist us in crossing over the 12/21/12 threshold. "Simply watching this video will touch you at a soul level" says Steinruck. "There are seven chakras, or energy centres, within our bodies.

Metasynthesis has digitally aligned these energies in intuitively blending the animation of Baljit Rayat's sacred geometry and Kearley's remix of TheMightyOne's 'Waiting For You'." 

What has been co-created is a stunningly unique five minute video meditation that literally activates the viewer and their chakras, helping them to internalize, integrate and physically connect with the shift in human consciousness that has taken place in 2012. Available in English, French and German.


Welcome to the new Aeon. Activate and Celebrate. We are all One.


The official video will be released 12/21/12.








David Odin



Metasynthesis is a digital artist exploring the experiential effects of the intersections between audio and visual.





Baljit Rayat:

Baljit Rayat is the founder of Lotus Destiny™ and Creator of the Lotus Destiny Star Activation™ system, an Intuitive Soul Coach, Akashic Records Consultant and Teacher who powerfully connects You to your Soul’s Purpose so you can bring your dreams into reality.





Dan Kearley is a Juno nominated producer, with remix credits including BT, Frontline Assembly, and Celldweller

A World of Love is Coming!




This is the OFFICIAL RELEASE of the Full Length Documentary film '2012 Crossing Over, A New Beginning' a film written, directed, filmed, edited and entirely independently funded and produced by Amel Tresnjic. 


PLOT: Dec 21, 2012 is on everyone's mind. What will it bring? Is it the end of the world? A new beginning of mankind? Or just another year on the calendar? Brave Archer Films presents '2012 Crossing Over, A New Beginning.' The feature doco explores a positive spiritual perspective on the events of Dec 21 2012. The film investigates the galactic alignment, consciousness awakening, cycles of evolution, our binary star system with Sirius, the fear agenda in the media, who's behind it, love vs fear and much more. 


The film is loaded with amazing revelations of the current times we live in, from exceptional astrologer and teacher Santos Bonacci, spirital leaders Bud Barber, George Neo and much more. The doco is shot entirely in Full HD, illustrated with high end animations and includes original music by Jonathan Kent.


Written, directed, filmed, edited and entirely independently funded and produced by Amel Tresnjic. Including Original Music by Jonathan Kent. Produced by Brave Archer Films®


Please share the message and support the film by making a small donation. It is the key to being able to make films like these possible! This film has been completely independently funded and produced! We really appreciate your support. To donate, visit PayPal below! (You don't need to have a PayPal account to make a donation, simply click on 'don't have an account' and fill out the form!)





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