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Excessively catchy. The kind of stuff that appeals to maniacal rock and metal fans of Devin Townsend. With some similarities to Van Halen, Black Stone Cherry and the fantastic Devin Townsend (think about Slow Me Down as a reference) in pop rock mode, TheMightyOne impresses greatly with 13 joyful and positive anthems that can sometime detonate into a song like “Peace in Me”, that is louder on guitars.

"SHiFT" is musically very catchy because the songs include memorable hooks and vocal harmonies. The production is rich in various music arrangements and efficient delivery. In a more passive mode TheMightyOne is solid enough with “In’Lakesh”, a perfect rock ballad for FM rock radio, that people from Quebec prefer. The reverent “Mother” is the  second ballad.

On the other hand, it’s with fury that this band wins all its points with phonic radio pearls like “Countown To Ascension” and “Awakened” that sound like very modern metal with its Godsmack intonations and “Waiting For You” or “Chosen” that could become inspirational anthems in movies for teens.

The songs are here. And they're contagious. The look of the band is classic and unique, yet unpretentious, which is refreshing in an industry and genre that is focused on image more than the musical substance itself.






Urban Male Magazine - March 2012


Photographed by Jos Vanpoederooyen


Who are they?
While guitarist/vocalist Steinruck is The-
MightyOne himself, the band is completed
by drummer/vocalist Bob Wagner, bassist/
vocalist Chris Campbell and guitarist/vocalist
Lorne Seaton.
Their sound?
Steinruck beams: “Super-melodic, modern,
conscious rock.” He notes that is similar to
the strains of Three Days Grace encountering
Faith No More in a seedy laneway.
Hometown Vancouver, BC.
Band name history?
“After years, I became frustrated trying
to build a band around my song writing,”
Steinruck concedes. “I realized that if I truly
wanted to see my creative vision through, I
would have to stand up and take ownership
of that reality. I finally empowered myself
and became TheMightyOne.”
Musical inspiration
As noted in his descriptive, impact on
TheMightyOne is two fold. “The foundations
are the classics such as early Van
Halen, Kiss and Def Leppard, while
present inspirations are guys like Corey
Taylor, Zakk Wylde and bands like Skillet
and Three Days Grace.”
Band philo sophy and why
We are all One. “We all have this amazing inner
power that most have never tapped into,”
Steinruck asserts. “It is a collective power.
It connects the tiniest atom to the infinite
universe and everything in between. Humans
are just a link in the chain.”
spring 2012 81


The PORTAL :: Rock Magazine - The New Music's Gateway!


Heavy rock and spirituality wouldn’t seem to go together but The Mighty One’s merger works. The Mighty One essentially is Tim Steinruck, the pilot of The Mighty One, that has developed into a band. Spirituality is a tricky state to be in as it leaves lots of room for misunderstanding, and Steinruck risks looking soft and vulnerable. Another way of approaching spirituality is to say Steinruck is an idealist and his upbeat songs, sincerely soulful, are a leavening power that raises Shift above its modest hard rock structure. At a time when most rock is oppressive and often dreary, Shift is a valuable contribution and well-named.

Grade: B - Tom Harrison / Province Newspaper






This Vancouver quartet looks like a death metal band at first glance, but The Mighty One, while a hard rock outfit, surprises with lush vocal harmonies and at points almost pop-like arrangements based around New Age lyrics. That's not to say they're short on crunchy guitars and a pumping bass and drums combo. This is a terrific second album from a highly original group.

- Charles Mandel




TheMightyOne – Conscious, Hard, Rock At first glance TheMightyOne is just about what you’d expect it to be; another modern hard rock band with crunchy guitar riffs, and infectious melodies A perfect blend of new rock and the sensibility of eternally relevant classics such as Van Halen, Kiss and AC/DC. Upon closer inspection there emerges something fresh, timely and vastly different.

A band with a higher vibration and message, coated with the realities of today's world, but with an inner centre of hope, and a positive self empowered future. Tim Steinruck, band leader, frontman and songsmith for The Mighty One, holds true to his hard rock roots. TheMightyOne hammers out the message of global potential with lyrics and poetic imagery cast within a framework of power chords and arena rock choruses with a uniqueness that 'shifts' you internally... And then sticks with you.

Thus the sophomore album's title 'SHiFT'. Tim’s childhood was steeped in the ‘Fire and Brimstone’ message of a Christian upbringing. He has transmuted those controlling memories of fear into positively charged modern hard rock anthems with titles such as "Stand Up (Get Off Your Knees)". The Mighty One is a beacon of light for those who believe in Hard Rock and a fearless uncharted tomorrow. TheMightyOne's music has been compared to bands such as Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin and Shinedown.

Their live show is everything you would expect from their classic mentors. If you are looking for a band with true modern originality but all the classic hard rock power you love, check out The Mighty One... They could change your perspective on the future.

Watch for a promotional digital only release of the cover 'Sound of Silence' coming to ITunes and catch TheMightyOne at the Sturgis North Bike Festival in Salmon Arm B.C. July 15th and 16th, 2011. 

Tim Steinruck, founder of Vancouver’s TheMightyOne, calls his music “hard rock.” Others might prefer “metal.” Whatever, it is certainly insistent, heavily power-chorded loud stuff that contrasts interestingly with Steinruck’s beginnings.

TheMightyOne — Tim Steinruck, front, and the band he formed around the concept.

With his shaved head and massive, beaver-tail goatee, he looks vaguely menacing, but Steinruck grew up in a gentle Mennonite community in northern British Columbia, in a place called Flat Rock. All was going fine for little Tim until this other guy moved into the area who happened to have a record collection perfectly crafted for an isolated, 13-year-old kid: Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, KISS. The music stirred Tim Steinruck’s soul.



Presently TheMightyOne has 2 radio/video promotions going that encompass all of North America. In Canada TheMightyOne has been doing a radio promotion for their single “Reprieved” which has been featured on major rock FM stations from Vancouver B.C. to St. Johns Newfoundland.

Their French version of “Reprieved” is in regular rotation in Montreal and Quebec City. The song has also been released in German. The video is receiving play at Much Loud, part of Much Music and the Corus entertainment network. The song was produced by Devin Townsend (Steve Vai, Strapping Young Lad, The Devin Townsend Project). The promotion is being done by Bill Miller and Pitbull Promotions here in Vancouver.